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Our OEM partner factory facilities:

Injection Molding Section

Lead Free Soldering
Loading Program
Production line
CNC 制御金型製作機
Injection Machines
Warehouse Section
Bonding Section
EDM Machine
Printing Dept
UV Solidifier
MCU Bonding Section
Assembly Line
SMD Section
OEM products references :
LCD control panel for Washing machine, Dryer machine
LCD Thermo controller for Freezer and Fridge
LCD wall switches controller for home and offices
Controller for Cloth cutting Machine and Safety Oven
LCD controller panel for Ventilation system
Solar cell thermo for Freezer
Electronic Wall switches controller
Electronic Temperature controller
Electronic Heated Towel rails control switch
Electronic warmer controller with LCD display
Computer accessories and peripherals
Dual display LCD thermo for hospital equipment
Different design of Cushion for hospital
Nurse Call Unit for hospital
Custom made Plastic, PVC accessories and peripherals for hospital equipment
Laser Lighting system
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